From small birthday party’s to large functions... 

We love sharing our space!


Holding a great event should not have to break the bank.



Very often, we already have mobile food trucks scheduled to serve up their deliciousness.

If not, we can help schedule a food truck (or even multiple trucks), dependent on guest count.

You also have the option of providing catering for your guests (or your guests can even bring their own food).



DRB will provide all your Beer, Wine, and Soft Drink needs. Obviously 😊

We provide any combination of the following drink options:

* Your guests pay for their drinks on their own (like a normal visit).

* Open-bar/per-drink rate (you pay us, based on actual drinks consumed).

* Open-bar/flat-rate (you pay us a pre-determined fee, based on a maximum number of guests).

* We can also sell you poker-style drink chips (each worth one free drink), for you to provide your guests with.



Our taproom schedule often includes bands or other various forms of entertainment, but we are flexible. If we do not have entertainment scheduled or you have another option in mind, just let us know. You can always make use of our high-quality house system (for streaming satellite radio or making raffle announcements via our mic), just give us a shout.



During normal business hours

Depending on your event criteria, there is usually not a fee.

If applicable, we can provide you with wrist bands, to place on the your guests wrists, so you can differentiate the people that are part of your event and therefore are allowed to partake in your event benefits (like open-bar or access to your buffet).


During off hours

We can offer you a flat rate fee (dependent on the requested day/hours).

We strive to be extremely fair and value your support, so if you your event is large enough to where we cover our expenses via sales, then you can expect to see some (if not all) of that fee get paid back to you.

Please contact for more info.

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