Current On Tap Options:


Current On Tap Options:


Hoppy Beers

Wish You Were Here - NEIPA - 6%

Password=1 - NEIPA - 7.2%

Banana Fribble - Milkshake IPA - 7.2%

Strawberry Fribble - Milkshake IPA - 7.2%

By a Hare - IPL - 7%


Light Beers

Bang On - Irish Red Ale - 5.5%


Sour Beers

Pickle Me Sour - Sour - 5.5%


Something Different

Mule Kick - Ginger Beer - 7%

Cidra - Hard Cider - 6.6%



Olde Mother Pucker - Red Wine Blend - 11.5%

Peachy Keen - White Wine Blend - 11.5%


Core Fee Info

Each bottle has a core fee associated with it. The 64oz Growlers have a $2 core fee. When our operations resume to normal we will be taking growlers back and returning the core fee to you for a designed time period (more details will be posted when full operations resume).You must show your recipt to recieve your core fee back.



The price you see is the $2 core charge. The price will change when you add your choice of fill. Most items are $16.25 with the exception of DIPA being $18.25.

Growler - 64oz (Includes Core Fee)


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