Olde Smokey is a light and extremely refreshing ale with a subtle touch of smoke. This beer will transport your taste buds to a beach side bonfire luau. We approached this beer with only 10% of the grist as oak smoked wheat. We also bittered this beer with a Polish hop known as Lubelski. The Lubelski hops bring a clean balancing bitterness to the flavor profile. The flavor is reminiscent of fresh bread baked in a wood oven. Olde Smokey is a great beer for pairing BBQ or as a companion on your lawn tractor to quench your thirst between rows.This is a beer inspired by the traditional polish smoked beer know as Piwo Grodziskie. Grodziskie is typically brewed from wheat malt that has been dried by circulating oak smoke through the grains.

Olde Smokey - Ale


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