She's Wit Me

American Wheat Beer


25 IBUs


This wheat beer has a complex yeast character that perfectly compliments the aromatic spices. It is a crushable crisp, dry, and refreshing alternative to the summer time , warm weather beer. 

The color is spot on for the style, which is a hazy, straw-gold color, which will remind you of the sun warming you up as you sit by the pool.

When taking the first sip of the beer, you right away get a spicy citrusy flavor from the mix of the phenolic Witbier yeast, and the spicy character of the Indian coriander and sweet orange peel. Then the flavors of the citrus hops used in the dry hop and whirlpool are very juicy and delicate. The finish you get a little banana / tangerine flavor that finishes very clean which is perfect for those hot summer day and a great substitute for the typical , “lawnmower” beers.

She's Wit Me


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